Whether you are facing the Crown Court or the Magistrates Court for a criminal offence, getting the right criminal solicitor will make a difference on your case. The expertise and the determination of criminal solicitors London will help determine whether you will be convicted or exonerated.


That said, it is important that you carefully consider which criminal solicitor to hire for your case. To help you make that decision, consider the pointers below as your filters:




When it comes to the size of the law firm, bigger is not always better. Keep in mind that the majority of legal aid is now working on a fixed rate basis. Some shady firms embrace the rule of "collect all cases and do them cheaply." Working with these firms at would sometimes mean the criminal solicitors London will persuade you to plead guilty so they have lesser work to do. Cases where the client would plead not guilty would usually have to wait for a while before they act on the case.




In relation to the size of the firm, keep in mind that experience is not based on the size of the office. Experience is never equivalent to the experience of the firm itself, rather it is based on individual criminal solicitors London. Look at the experience of the person who will be handling your case and not the firm itself. We are sometimes enticed to advocate a business with a lot of accomplishments but if the person who is handling your issue is not the one who earned those accolades then it's all worthless. Know more facts about attorneys at


Look for a Partner


Look for a partner who will fight for you. If, after assessing your case the criminal solicitors London will counsel you to plead guilty, then you are better off somewhere else. You need someone who will rock the boat with you and not just clearly agree with what the law says. Whether you are guilty or not, you would always want to have on your side, an expert who is willing to fight tooth and nail for your case.



There are a lot of criminal solicitors London at and it is up to you to carefully filter which professional to choose. By carefully considering the points above, you are a step forward in hiring the best law practitioner to help you with your case. Keep in mind that you would always want to have the best one on your side.